Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Inch Abbey lol

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

This picture was taken at the ruins of Inch Abbey in County Down, Northern Ireland. The ruins of this monastery are over 1000 years old. In the distance across the water you can see the Down Cathedral, where St. Patrick was buried (at least part of him). I was taking this photo from the nearby cemetery and this cat was perched on the stone wall. I almost shoo'd it away, but thought it'd be a fun odd thing in the picture. After a while, we talked to a mother and daughter who were out walking their dog near the cemetery. It turns out they come twice a day to feed the cat, his name's Gravy. He's lived at Inch Abbey for about four years. He feeds at the same spot on the cemetery wall every day.

LOLCAT lieks to PWN N00BZ!!121

Nice photograph. Anymore you're willing to share?
Yeah, I'll be posting some more I think. I had planned on making some big cohesive epic posts detailing the trip, which sort of seemed overwhelming and I never got around to it. So I'll dole out the photos in nice bite-sized chunks like this. I promise I won't give the lolcat treatment to any more photos.
Me likes the kitty.
Every photo needs lolcat, but I'll allow it.

I still think it's awesome that you got married.
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