Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Two souls are pasted together as one

Breaking news...

Last week, Monday, February 26 to be exact, Joy and I were married at Saul Church in Northern Ireland.

More details on the wedding and the honeymoon to follow over the next few days.


Wow, wow, wow, wow wow.


That's so amazing, Paste. God bless, and best wishes for you and the missus.

You're going to have to fill us all in with the details and whatnot (you know, the ones you can actually share).

Wow. That's just awesome. Congrats.
Was that hansome man with the shotgun her father?

Congratulations! Wish you many more years of happy blog neglect!
I was going to ask about that photo. Did you get friends and family to fly in for the wedding?
No family, those are people that just happened to be there. I'll elaborate on that more when I do a proper post about the wedding. It's actually a pretty neat story. It was originally planned to be just Joy, Me, the pastor and his wife (who are close friends of Joy), and the Rev. from the church.
Can't wait.
This must be one hell of a honeymoon.
My blog writeup of our wedding/honeymoon story has taken a backseat to putting together slide shows and photo albums and thank you notes....
Oh yeah, I know what that's like.

By the time you're all caught up, you'll have to start sending out new Thank You cards for Christmas.
WOW JON!!! I'm so so happy for you and want to hear all about your wedding, your wife..... Blessings and love sent your way from the Purcell household!!!
Congratulations to you both. We are so happy for you. Marriage is such a blessing.
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