Monday, July 31, 2006


My favorite local TV commercial

I decided to post this after reading through the advertising trade secrets that Todd W wrote about on his Cavalcade of Whimsy.

Here are just a few of the many things I've observed in this ad:
1.) In contrast to most used car lot commercials with the screaming megaphone guy, this ad has only six calmly spoken words of dialogue.

2.) It illustrates that monkeys and bananas are natural enemies.

3.) Monkeys are trying to help the homeless by giving them sandwiches, while protecting them from bananas.

4.) Towards the end of the commercial, you can see the banana start to slow down, as if he thought the scene was over. This was probably the twenty-seventh take and the banana was worn out and just didn't have the energy.

5.) The record needle scratch sound effect, indicating that things are suddenly not as they seem.

6.) I feel like buying an automobile, so that the homeless may eat.

So is it the monkey or the banana that's going to finance my car?
The monkey's the one with the AAF t-shirt, so I guess he'll be the one signing off on the loan.
That's about as surreal as a fever dream. Who greenlighted that?

A freaking genius, that's who.

1. Monkey gives bum a sandwich.

2. Bum shares sandwich with banana.

3. Banana doesn't reciprocate, throws sammitch in garbage.

4. Monkey notices and gives chase.

5. Profit.
They remembered the "Profit" step, I guess that's the only step that really matters if you want your ad to pass muster. I hope you're taking notes, Todd.
I bet that commercial cost no more than $100 to produce, yet it's on the fast track to becoming and Internet Phenomenon. Brilliant.
I'm sure most of the cost of the commercial was the rental of the monkey and banana suits. I should rent those and create my own series of short films. I'd make dozens of dollars.
Yes, the Monkey vs. Banana series would go over quite well.
That's something I've always thought about too. There's a party/costume shop near me that has some pretty ridiculous costumes. I don't think it neccessarily needs to be a monkey or a banana costume, just about any giant costume will work. See Trigger Happy TV for more details.
Trigger Happy TV is the reason I want a giant cell phone.
Dude. That was awesome. I love how they didn't even try to have it make any sense.

Next time I visit you out there, I'm totally buying a car from that company.
I've seen this commercial and frankly , find it annoying. It's obviously a blatant rip from the European show called Trigger Happy TV which I believe aired on Comedy Central 2-3 years ago . Why would I want to but a car from someplace that doesn't tell me anything about their cars or their prices. ?
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