Sunday, March 06, 2005


Stop Getting on My Case

This is one of my prized possessions, it's an old Samsonite travel cosmetics case from the late 60's. My parents took it with them to Hawaii on their honeymoon, hence the awesome flower sticker.

The reason I like it is because it's a perfect case for holding guitar accessories like picks, extra packs of strings, tuners, capoes, extra batteries, etc... I always have it with me whenever I bring my guitar anywhere. I was playing bass this Sunday at church, but I brought the Samsonite case this week with me to church since I was letting the woman who was leading music use my guitar since she can't plug her own guitar into the sound system.

After the service everyone was kind of milling around the sanctuary talking to eachother and whatnot. I was packing up my stuff, and the woman who borrowed my guitar asked me, "Do you keep your capo in the guitar case or do you keep it with your tuners and cables and stuff?"

I said, "I usually keep that in my cosmetics case." Which isn't worth blogging about, except that I said that right as my face was passing in front of a microphone and the sound system was still on for some reason. So everyone in the church building heard me loudly mention that I have a cosmetics case.

Looking back, I should have added, "What, do you think my head is this shiny when I roll out of bed?" [note: my head was freshly shaved yesterday]

my mom has one of those. it's off white though. it accompanied our family on every vacation. she calls it a "train case" though.
It's a really neat case, it's just that you call it a "cosmetics case", which seems to get you into trouble. It's not your fault, you're just honoring it for what it was originally used for.

My suggestion? Give it a manly nickname, like "Old Thunderbox", or "Big Blue". That way, when someone asks you about it, you can say something like, "What? You mean Old Thunderbox?"

On a different note, I like churches where live music is played. Being raised Catholic, I was taught that pretty much any noise in church was wrong.
Oh, another quick thing about live music in church. When I was 15 years old, the Christian rock band Stavesacre played a show at a local church. To this day, I've never been more roughed up in a mosh pit than I did that night. I seriously got the devil beaten right out of me.
The thing is, I kind of like the comedy element of calling it a cosmetics case, because it feels funny to say it like that. But usually when I call it that it's when someone is standing there watching me put guitar gear in it... When it's done over a microphone, it totally loses the context.

Yeah, our church is a pretty fun place to play music. I actually get asked to turn up the bass, and we don't keep our drummer in a plexiglass cage. And noone seems to complain.

Some of the craziest shows I've been to were at the Cornerstone festival in Illinois. Silly Christians. They do get a lot of cool bands there, though, not the typical Christian bookstore crap. I haven't been since '95.

I'm going to combine the suggestions and start calling that case "Old Thundertrain." Good ol' Thundertrain, she ain't never let me down yet. Now that would sound awesome out of the PA.
It always makes me sad to see the drummer in the plaxiglass cage. Sometimes I sneak him an apple or banana, because he usually looks hungry.

In Wisconsin, we have LiFest instead of Cornerstone, but it's almost as big. It's a good mix of the acts that the cool kids like, and the more contemporary acts for the coots.

LiFest was always the best music festival in Wisconsin, because they didn't charge you $5 for a bottle of water, and a slice of awesome pizza was only a buck. Take THAT, Summerfest! The people were way nicer, too.
"WAS" being the important word there...
If I lived in Wisconsin, I would have walked around LiFest in a life-vest looking very confused.

Speaking of good concerts, I'm going to see Clem Snide next week in OKC, which makes me happy.
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